Mark Williams

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Often times in politics, there are people behind the scenes that make things happen and you may never even hear about them. They are the unsung heroes of the Republican Party who devote their blood, sweat and tears, often without even a “thank you.” It is time to say a big THANK YOU to people like MARK WILLIAMS and his company PRINTING TRADE CO. For decades, Mark Williams has supported, volunteered, donated and printed for our GOP and candidates. He is always there in a pinch to lend a hand and often save the day. He is not only a pillar in the Gwinnett County business community but throughout the Seventh Congressional District and metro-Atlanta.

So, the next time you see Mark, tell him “thank you” for his years of dedication to the Republican Party.

Printing Trade Company

2790 Simpson Circle

Norcross, GA 30071

Phone (770) 441-0945

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2017 GAGOP 7th District Convention Recap

 Congratulations to the new (2017-2019) GAGOP 7th District Executive Board and State Committee Members:

Executive Board:

  • Chairman: G. Jason Thompson
  • 1st Vice Chairman: Joel Natt
  • 2nd Vice Chairman: Mary Adamski
  • Secretary: Peg Murray
  • Assistant Secretary: Heather Lyons-Natt
  • Treasurer: Adrienne Ellis
  • Assistant Treasurer: Tom Ellis
  • Gwinnett County Chairman: Mike Seigle
  • Forsyth County Chairman: Justin Hawkins
  • Immediate Past Chairman: Brandon Doty

State Committee:

  • Andre Adamski
  • Julianne Thompson
  • Joel Natt
  • Peg Murray
  • Mary Adamski
  • Tom Ellis
  • B.J. Van Gundy
  • Heather Lyons-Natt
  • Duane Hunter
  • Carolyn Fisher
  • Judy Bailey
  • G. Jason Thompson (as 7th District Chairman)
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